1. Industrialisation //

Machining, assembly, test: throughout the chain of producing the parts and subassemblies and precision components hydromechanical, we answer the needs of our clients with optimum control and vigilance.

Technologies at our command

Mastery of industrial technologies - state of the art and precision - and experience are winning cards we play every day for our clients. In close collaboration with them we seek to optimise the production processes.

As a complement to taking total responsibility for the client's plans and specifications - study of needs and constraints, definition, optimisation, and implementation of the process to be set up, and starting up production tooling - our interventions aim at making a decisive contribution to the projects.

Our capacity to accompany our clients goes hand in hand with our ability to mobilise and co-ordinate the external service providers we have take part in production processes.

By throwing light on technological choices, by giving concrete solutions so as to make optimal choices for associating materials or processes, and by proposing reasoned solutions, we give our clients an indispensable return on experience.

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