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Mastery, effectiveness, efficiency

By observing a ship, a submarine or an industrial facility, our productions are perhaps not visible, but essential ...
Human security and materials performances depends on their quality and accuracy...

Manufacturing precision components

For decades we have manufactured precision parts and sub-assemblies and high added value hydro-mechanical components to the most exacting standards.

Our diversified applications meet the needs of businesses with exacting security and risk control requirements.

We bring together professional, experienced, versatile, highly qualified and reactive teams whose expertise in production and finishing machining, heat treatment, assembly, checking and testing is beyond dispute.

Quality: at the centre of our activity

Significant experience, perfect familiarity with technologies, total mastery of the processes:

Quality for us is a pre-requisite for satisfying our clients. Our continuous improvement objectives pushed forward by our values for excellence motivates us to:

  • Meet the total quality challenge through the indispensable mastery and rigour in our processes.
  • Maintain a serene and secure technological and human climate - guaranteeing a balanced, performative, and continuing collaboration.
  • Construct a coherent and effective management system that integrates quality, safety, and environment approaches.

A triple requirement that naturally reinforces our distinctive ability: giving our clients an essential return on experience to enhance their competitiveness and guarantee, through checking, total product reliability.

Because precision excellence requires coherence between words and results.

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